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Makeup Brushes

Meet your
Makeup Artist 

I'm Bria Harris, a self-taught freelance makeup artist whose journey embodies the power of passion and perseverance. Since 2020, my fascination with cosmetology and makeup has been more than just a childhood dream; it's become my reality.

Though my love for makeup traces back to my early years, it was a pivotal moment in 2019—the loss of my grandmother—that propelled me toward entrepreneurship and the pursuit of my true calling. With a degree from Bethune Cookman University under my belt, I knew it was time to embrace my talents fully. Through dedicated practice on family and friends, I began to refine my skills, and soon, my business blossomed.

What drives me is the transformative nature of makeup—the ability to enhance someone's beauty and confidence. Bringing smiles to faces, fostering connections, and making people feel truly seen and valued fuels my passion. As I continue on this journey, I invite you to join me, witnessing not just my growth as an artist but also the profound impact we can create together.

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